Is Product Development Causing You Headaches?

Tek-pac specialises in providing complete design drafting services, from concept and prototyping, to full drawings and documentation for manufacture.

Concept and Prototyping

A product's success often comes down to how well an original idea was translated into reality. This makes the initial concept stage of the design process all the more integral. 


Tek-pac helps to make the process smoother and reduce resource expenditure by making alterations and revision easy and fast, maintaining close communication, and by providing access to short turnaround prototyping with our lineup of production 3D printers.

3D Modelling and CAD

Creating a 3D model is an essential part of any design process, all the more so as it makes the design more easily understood and accessible to everyone. Being able to visualise a 3-dimensional object has so many advantages over flat drafted drawings.


Moreover with online cloud-based CAD systems, the ability to share 3D models with everyone involved (and edit them in real-time) makes it all the more invaluable. 

Manufacturing Drawings

The last, and equally important, stage of the design process is the creation of manufacturing drawings. From the very beginning of the design process, care is taken to ensure the concept design is built to be easily translated into a manufacturable product.


In this stage, experience is essential to ensuring every detail needed to build the product is provided. 

Broad Experience

Tek-pac employs an experienced staff line-up, with invaluable experience in a broad range of industries. We can help out and provide insight into many different areas including:

   - Architectural and Structural

   - Vehicle Industry

   - Sheet Metal Manufacturing

   - Materials Handling and Conveyors

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